Computer Solutions
with host Jamey Mellis

  In this show Jamey discusses protecting your electronics, and your entire home with whole house surge suppression, and an uninterruptable power supply, or UPS.

Whole house surge suppression is installed at the power panel of your home or business and provides protection against surges from the power grid.  In addition, you need to protect other entry points such as telephones lines and the connection from your ISP.

A UPS provides protection from blackouts, brownouts and surges.  A blackout is a total loss of power, a brownout is a partial loss of power and a surge is an increase of power above what the circuit is designed for.  Properly connecting devices is important in order for a UPS to provide the appropriate protection for your device.

Jamey also talked about an AT&T outage.  In this segment, Jamey discusses using dual service for your business or home if the Internet is critical to your operations

Jamey also discusses the recent Facebook scam regarding Jayden Smith.  Jamey recommends not spreading such as this including reposting, sharing or messaging. Scam and hoaxes can carry malware and can be passed on to other users.  If you are thinking about sharing something, take a moment and check to see if it is a scam. 

Here are some sites you can use to see if what you are sharing is a scam or hoax.

Jamey also discusses clickbait and ways you can spot it.  Here are some examples of headlines or posts that could be considered as clickbait and please stay away from them.

•           What happens NEXT will SHOCK you
•           You won’t BELIEVE what Facebook is planning to do
•           This ONE simple little trick will save you thousands
•           Only people with a 200 or higher IQ can solve this riddle
•           Breaking News
•           Man regrets decision

Please help stop the spreading of scams, misinformation, fake news, malware, and other content that could be harmful. If you are considering reposting, sharing or sending via messenger, take a minute to see if the content is a hoax or scam.

Computer Solutions - July 8, 2017

In this show Jamey discusses how to detect phone scams and how to handle them.  A particular give-away that the caller might me scamming youi is if they ask "can you hear me."  Jamey recommends not answering questions like this and to just hang up.  Do not respond to automated messages, referred to as robocalls, where you are asked to press 1 9or another number) to continue or to press a number to go on a do not call list.  just hang up to minimize the caller from scamming you.  Here is the link to the real "Do not call registry":

Here is a link to the Better Business  Bureau to report scams and a link for The BBB Scamtracker:

Better Business Bureau

Scam Tracker

Federal Trade Commission article on phone scams
Jamey also discusses how to get a high quality antivirus software for free if you are a Comcast Internet subscriber and one from Sophos for home users.

Link for Comcast Internet Subscribers:

Link for Sophos Home Users

​Lastly, Jamey discusses Facebook scams and ways to avoid them.

Enjoy the show.  Let Jamey know if you have any questions or comments about the show using the form at the bottom of this page.

Computer Solutions - July 1, 2017

In this show Jamey discusses Ransomware and ways you can protect yourself.  This includes keeping up with operating system updates and patches as well as doing image based backups.  Image based backups are backups of the entire computer including the operating system, programs and files.  If you are hit with this or other threats such as malware or a virus, you can recover th entire system from your backup.

Jamey also discusses the need for two factor authentication to protect your online sites such as email and social media.  Though two factor authentication is not bullet proof, it provides an additional layer of protection to protect your accounts. 

Enjoy the show.  Let Jamey know if you have any questions or comments about the show using the form at the bottom of this page.