Security as a Service

There are many ways an attacker can find a way into your network.  Protecting your network and assets from the myriad of ways a threat can enter the network requires a Defense in Depth strategy.  A Defense in Depth strategy is a comprehensive layered approach designed to detecting and blocking many types of threats. 
Defense in Depth
Defense in Depth is something you probably practice in other parts of your life without realizing it.  For example, at your work there are locks on the door to keep people out when the business is closed, there may be an alarm system to alert you when someone breaks in, there are locks on cabinets and in some cases, you may also use access control to control who enters a room and who doesn’t.  All of this is the strategy you implemented to protect your assets.  This is the same type of strategy you need to consider to protect your network, computers, data, mobile devices and more.

So what is Security as a Service
So, what is Security as a Service?  Security as a Service is a business model of outsourcing the management of your security, usually on a subscription basis.  This approach helps your organization leverage the skillset of the service provider and can be less expensive when the total cost of ownership is considered.

Security as a service can include managing your firewall, routers, switches, wireless access points, antivirus platform, vulnerability scanning, SIEM platform, log management and more.
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